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ZH-RD5 Series Intelligent Radar Level Meter

Product introduction

ZH-RD5 series radar fluid (level) level gauges are all assembled with imported components. The microwave transmitting and receiving amplifier uses the original German products, the microwave board uses the circuit board produced in the United States, and uses the advanced microprocessor and unique Echo Discovery echo processing technology. The internal wires of the product are also subjected to strict magnetic isolation and anti-interference treatment. At the same time, ZH-RD5 series radar has developed different measurement software for different measurement occasions, and the measurement is more stable. In the measurement, the microwave pulse is sent by the antenna, and is reflected by the surface of the object and then received by the radar system, which is transmitted to the electronic circuit. The signal is completed by intelligent software with accuracy of millimeter level, which is suitable for harsh environments.


1. Integrated design, no moving parts, no mechanical wear, and long service life.
2. The electromagnetic waves emitted during the measurement can pass through the vacuum, do not need a transmission medium, and are not affected by the atmosphere, vapor, and volatile mist in the tank.
Level measurement of medium such as crude benzene.
3. Can be used for level measurement of all liquids. When electromagnetic waves are reflected on the surface of the liquid level, the signal will be attenuated.
An adequate electromagnetic wave signal was detected. The conductive medium can reflect electromagnetic waves very well. It can reflect enough electromagnetic waves to radar level gauges and even micro-conductive materials.
wave. Non-conductive media with a dielectric constant greater than 1.5 (the dielectric constant of air is 1.0) can also ensure sufficient reflected waves. The larger the dielectric constant, the stronger the reflected signal
. In practical applications, almost all media can reflect enough reflected waves.
4. It adopts non-contact measurement, which is not affected by physical characteristics such as density and concentration of liquid in the tank.
5. Large measurement range, the largest measurement range can reach 0 ~ 35m, which can be used for high-temperature and high-pressure level measurement.
6. The key components such as the antenna are made of high-quality materials, which have strong corrosion resistance and can adapt to highly corrosive environments.
7. Rich functions, with false wave learning function. Enter the actual level of the liquid surface, and the software can automatically identify false echoes from the liquid surface to the antenna, eliminating these
Wave interference.

Second, the main technical parameters

Application Liquid, powder, solid particles, lumps
Measuring range 0-35 meters
Process connection Thread, flange, universal flange
Medium temperature -40-250 ℃
Process pressure -1.0-3bar
Repeatability 2mm
Precision <0.1%
Frequency Range 6.8GHz or 26GHz
Explosion / Protection Level Exia IIC T6 / IP67
Signal output 4… 20mA / HART (two wires)
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