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UFLO2000 / TUF2000 series fixed ultrasonic flowmeter

UFLO2000 / TUF2000 series fixed ultrasonic flowmeters are widely used for on-line flow measurement of various liquids in industrial sites . The host is divided into standard wall-mounted type, wall-mounted explosion-proof type, panel-mounted type and local display type; sensors are divided into external binding type, plug-in type, pipe type and so on.

测量精度:优于1 %,重复性:优于0.2% * Measurement accuracy: better than 1 %, repeatability: better than 0.2%
测量周期: 500ms (每秒2次,每个周期采集128组数据) * Measurement period: 500ms ( 2 times per second, 128 sets of data are collected per cycle )
工作电源: 85~264VAC/隔离24VDC * Working power: 85 ~ 264VAC / Isolated 24VDC
最大流速: 64m/s(流速分辨率0.001m/s) * Maximum flow rate: 64m / s ( velocity resolution 0.001m / s)
* Significant          10汉字背光液晶可显示瞬时流量及正、负、净累积流量、流速等 Display: 2 10 Chinese character backlit LCD can display instantaneous flow rate, positive, negative, net cumulative flow rate, flow rate, etc.
操 作: 4 4轻触键盘操作 * Operation: 4 4 touch keyboard operation
信号输入:◇ 34-20mA模拟输入,精度0.1%,可输入压力、液位、温度等信号 * Signal input: ◇ 3 4-20mA analog inputs , accuracy of 0.1%, can input pressure, liquid level, temperature and other signals
路三线制PT100铂电阻 2- way three-wire PT100 platinum resistor
信号输出:◇ 1路隔离RS485输出 * Signal output: ◇ 1 isolated RS485 output
4-20mA0-20mA输出 1 way 4-20mA or 0-20mA output
路隔离OCT (脉冲宽度6~1000ms之间可编程,默认200ms) 1 isolated OCT ( programmable between 6 ~ 1000ms pulse width, default 200ms)
路继电器输出(脉冲宽度200ms ) 1 relay output ( pulse width 200ms)
通讯协议:◇ MODBUS协议, M-BUS协议, FUJI扩展协议,并兼容国内其它厂家同类产品的通讯协议 * Communication protocol: ◇ MODBUS protocol, M-BUS protocol, FUJI extended protocol, and compatible with other domestic manufacturers' similar products
其它功能:◇自动记忆前512天、前128个月、前10年正//净累积流量 * Other functions: ◇ Automatically remember the first 512 days, the first 128 months, and the first 10 years of positive / negative / net cumulative flow
次上、断电时间和流量并可实现流量的自动或手动补加,可通过MODBUS协议读出 ◇ Automatically memorize the first 30 power-on and power-off time and flow, and can realize automatic or manual replenishment of flow, which can be read out through MODBUS protocol
◇ Programmable batch (quantitative) controller, fault self-diagnosis function
传送来的代码文件实现软件升级 ◇ Software upgrade can be achieved through code files transmitted by E-mail
防护等级:传感器IP68 ,主机IP65 * Protection level: sensor IP68 , host IP65
防爆等级: EXdBT4 * Explosion-proof grade: EXdBT4

The externally bound sensor is an installation method in which the sensor is directly tied to the outer surface of the pipe to be measured to achieve flow measurement. It has the characteristics of no relation to the pipe diameter, simple installation, no production stop, no pressure loss, etc.

Technical Parameters

型 Standard S1

型 Standard M1

型 Standard L1

型 High temperature S1H type

型 High temperature M1H

Applicable pipe diameter

DN100 DN15DN100

DN700 DN50 to DN700

DN6000 DN300 to DN6000

DN100 DN15DN100

DN700 DN50 to DN700

material         quality


Special high temperature materials

working frequency


installation method

W )法 V (N , W ) method

ZV , Z method

Z method

W)V (N , W) method

ZV , Z method


Machine paired calibration




proper temperature

℃~ 700 ℃ ~ 70

℃~ 1600 ℃ ~ 160

Protection class

(可浸水工作,水深≤ 3米) IP68 (can work in water, water depth ≤ 3 meters)


30 30 45 30 30

45 45 60 45 45

70 55 80 70 55

85 24 90 85 24

82 29 90 82 29

/) Mass ( g / pair )






Media type

Water, seawater, sewage, alcohol, various oils and other single, uniform, stable liquids that can transmit ultrasonic waves.

Turbidity of the medium

且气泡含量小 ≤ 20000ppm and small bubble content

Applicable pipe

、铝、玻璃钢等均匀质密的管道,允许有衬里。 Carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC , aluminum, fiberglass and other uniform dense pipes can be lined.

Pipe lining

Epoxy pitch, rubber, mortar, polypropylene, polystyrene, bakelite, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc.

signal cable

型专用屏蔽电缆,单根可加长到300米,布线时电缆应外加金属套管以增加抗 SEYV75-2 special shielded cable, single can be extended to 300 meters, the cable should be added with metal sleeves to increase resistance
Interference, and pay attention not to parallel the cable with the high voltage cable, try to avoid the interference source such as the inverter.

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